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Our services in Bio/Chemo-informatics, Structural Biology, BioIT and Patent Research are tailor made to suit customer requirements. Our value added services across the drug discovery chain, from discovery to development have been widely used by major pharmaceutical companies to boost their R&D efforts.In products we have number of databases which are Reference centric as well as Molecule centric. In combination with the products we give value added customized services.

GOBIOM - GVK BIO Online Biomarker DatabaseGOBIOM database is a comprehensive collection of all the clinically evaluated, exploratory and preclinical biomarkers associated with different therapeutic areas reported in global clinical trials, clinical and preclinical studies. GOBIOM has information on Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging, Metabolite, Cellular and Physiological markers with multiple data points covering experimental, analytical, clinical, and statistical data with their qualifications under different medical interventions. Database is developed in collaboration with a big pharma and USFDA.

A proprietary Tetrahedron model is adopted in the framework of the database by linking four critical parameters i.e. biomarkers, therapeutic area, Drug and the Target. This model simplifies the process of biomarker data analysis. Currently the database has information on 12000 biomarkers comprising of biochemical, genomic, imaging, metabolite and cellular markers. Approximately 360 datapoints are captured for every biomarker covering its clinical and preclinical qualification.

Specific Data types included:
  • Biomarker Details
  • Therapeutic Area
  • Different Biomarker utilities
  • Experimental Methods
  • Clinical and Analytical Validation
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Clinical Population
  • Efficacy Characteristics
  • Safety Characteristics
GOBIOM Features
  • Web-enabled application for quick and easy access
  • Intuitive User Interface with comprehensive search features and biomarker analysis
  • Clinical data and experimental results in user-friendly format
  • Data export option to excel, PDF and XML
  • Biweekly update with auto alert function
  • Custom alert by therapeutic area and biomarker type
  • 24/7 online support

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