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Excelra Knowledge Solutions (EXCELRA), Asia's leading Contract Research Organization, delivers customized data curation services to the life sciences industry. EXCELRA's scientists analyze data to transform biological patterns into knowledge.

Our services in Bio/Chemo-informatics, Structural Biology, Bio-IT and Patent Research are tailor made to suit customer requirements. Our value-added services across the drug discovery chain, from discovery to development have been widely used by major pharmaceutical companies to boost their R&D efforts. In products we have number of databases which are Reference centric as well as Molecule centric. In combination with the products we give value added customized services.


The identification of high quality Hit/lead compounds is a crucial first step in the small molecule drug discovery process. High quality leads are more likely to be successfully optimized into drug candidates that survive the development process. Hit/Leads can be identified through a variety of methods, including high throughput screening (HTS), virtual screening (VS), and literature sources. All these methods are used routinely in large pharmaceutical companies, while smaller biotech that do not have large screening compound collections may rely more on VS and literature. There are two general methods used for virtual screening: structure-based (or target-based) and pharmacophore-based (or ligand-based). The first approach requires knowledge about the target while the second requires knowledge about the ligands. In cases where there is information about both the target and ligands, both techniques can be used in a sequential fashion. With either method, a screening database of compounds is used in the virtual screening process as a source of hits. Virtual screening is a well-established methodology at EXCELRA.


Includes Knowledge Management, Data Mining, Database Management, Relational Database Conversion, Custom Tools & Package Development.

KPO - Patent and Legal Research Services

The Patent and Legal Research Services of EXCELRA offers competitive, cost-effective, secure and confidential Intellectual property services with minimum turnaround time. We serve clients across the globe including in-house counsel of Corporates, Tech transfer, Biotech, IP attorneys and small and medium-sized enterprises across broad spectrum of industries.

EXCELRA Patent search services include: Prior art, Patentability, FTO/Clearance, Infringement, Invalidity/Validity, Markush (Chemical structure), Bio-sequence, Non-patent literature, Claim Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Market analysis, IP Landscape, Litigation support, Filing and Prosecution support, Portfolio Management, Family Status & Expiry Dates and Patent Drafting.

Custom Curation

Our team of experienced scientists provides data-mining services, annotation of chemical, biological, pharmacological, and toxicity information from different sources. Information is curated in custom-designed formats to meet specific client requirements. Literature sources include--

  • Journal publications
  • Clinical trial registries
  • Conference posters
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Proprietary data

EXCELRA's scientists analyze data to transform biological patterns into knowledge.

  • Building and maintaining indication specific clinical trial outcome databases for use in M&S efforts
  • Rich experience across therapeutic areas (> 50 indications covered)
  • High quality deliverables and adherence to timelines
  • Manual curation by qualified scientists

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