Key Features

GOSTAR is the scientific database product owned by Excelra Knowledge Solutions and
is the most commonly preferred product among many users. In addition to providing
easy access to numerous databases, GOSTAR has many special features to help you to find
exactly what you're looking for.

Identifying the right content concerning biological, chemical & therapeutic space
A comprehensive view of chemical and biological space around an indication
Scattered SAR around a target of therapeutic interest
Heterogeneous data from diverse sources
Verified content in a relational database model
Robust Search Features including 'Quick Search' & 'Comprehensive Search Page'
Guided navigation across an array of related terms, headings, and other dimensions
Customized result views for biology & chemistry
Dynamic display of results

Systematic Data specific Search

Structure-based Search
Activity-based Search
Bibliographic-based Search
Drug Discovery Life Cycle Phase
Database Selection Feature
Timeline-based Search

List views for quick access of result data as per

Therapeutic Indication
Source Document Type
Company Details
Biological Targets
Assay Method

Exportable results in desired format


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