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Custom Services

Often a standard knowledgebase may not solve specific challenges faced by our clients. At Excelra, we passionately believe in individual attention to each client. Our senior experts and consultants are on hand to understand your specific concerns and offer bespoke solutions that cater to the precise need. If we are working with client data, we adhere to the highest data privacy and confidentiality norms as testified by partnerships with the top pharma and scientific publishers stretching more than a decade. We can flexibly scale our resources to work with short turnaround times without compromising on the quality. The following section gives a few indicative examples of custom services we offer.

Custom SAR/Reaction Curation

While we cover a wide gamut of journals and patents to capture SAR data, it is possible that a specific data requirement of the client is out of scope of our standard offerings. In such cases, we can search and excerpt the requested SAR information and provide the data in the requested format.

The starting point could be any of the following:

  • Source Documents
  • Novel Target
  • Indication

Further, we also specialize in creating or ingesting custom ontologies for concept annotation and indexing to capture information such as chemical reaction data.

Custom Reports

Scientific information required for decision making in early drug development is scattered in diverse and heterogenous sources. It is quite a challenge to mine and frame this information to generate actionable insights. We work on such specific research requests from clients to create custom intelligence reports in a presentation-ready format.

The report could be centered around a specific topic of interest such as:

  • Drug
  • Target
  • Indication

Markush Database Development

Markush structure is a description of compound classes by generic notations, often used for patent claims and for combinatorial libraries. We provide Markush annotation service to cater to your chemistry database requirements and support scaffold-based research. We help in building custom Markush databases from patents including part or full-enumeration of the desired Markush structure. All the features & limitations are as defined by Chemaxon's Markush functionalities.

Semantic Data Integration

There is an effort towards digital transformation of Pharma R&D through the creation of structured data lakes. To enable this transition, Excelra offers semantic annotation of GOSTAR as well as client data according to standard ontologies and semantic technologies. The resulting dataset is offered both as a full or partial download as well as through an API integration.

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