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GOSTAR is an integrated platform of multiple standalone databases which have similar format across the board with diverse content.

Excelra Knowledge Solutions (formerly GVK Informatics) is part of the $1 billion GVK group. Excelra is a leading Informatics Solutions company that leverages its extensive scientific knowledge base, technology and relevant domain expertise to provide intelligent data and analytics solutions to customers globally. Excelra's expertise span across Data Solutions, Data Indexing & Abstraction and Data Analytics. The company has over nine successful Drug Repurposing collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies and has developed a proprietary Drug Repurposing Platform and Computational Biology capabilities.

Excelra has a team of 650+ scientists with rich experience in Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Sciences who are engaged in curation of databases spanning SAR (GOSTAR), Biomarkers (GOBIOM) and Clinical outcomes. These databases are considered as industry standards and numerous publications have been made using the underlying content.

Excelra's portfolio of customers include some of the world's largest Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Publishing, Agrochemical, Life Sciences and Academic institutions in the USA, EU, Japan and Asia Pacific.

Information on SAR, pharmacological effects, toxic properties and clinical outcomes is crucial for a scientist investigating new drug candidates for a specific indication. Such information has been curated from journals, patents and other sources. Natural Language Processing tools have been largely inadequate in providing the high degree of reliability required in such information. Only careful manual curation answers this need.

GOSTAR (Global Online Structure Activity Relationship Database) is an online scientific database. It is the largest SAR manually curated database with 6.6 million inhibitors and over 22 million quantitative SAR points screened from around 2.2 million patents and 336,426 journals with complete coverage of biological and chemical space. Information provided includes SAR, ADME, toxicity, preclinical, clinical, and structural data.

Today, most of us want access to information from different sources very quickly. In such cases, GOSTAR provides a single search platform, which provides information on discovery, development compounds, and marketed drugs from various web resources. Corresponding FDA product leaflets, EPAR Documents, website and conference reports are also consulted for information on drugs. Each data point is rich with information, containing about 200 unique data fields with extensive cross references within the database as well as with external public databases such as PubMed.

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