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It provides a complete resource of tips and information for all types of GOSTAR users (New User, Evaluate and Registered User). It includes —

Here in, frequently asked questions, users can find answers and learn how to access, search the database, and view the desired results from the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section gives you quick and easy access to the answers to the questions we're asked most frequently. It is searchable databases of frequently asked questions from the introduction section to the troubleshooting section. We have organized the information into a number of main topics. Just select the topic you're interested and answers to introductory questions can be found. The following are the listed topics:

  1. Registration process
  2. Trouble shooting
  3. General
  4. Support team

There are several questions, and each main topic has its own Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re unsure of the registration process, please go to that topic and read the Frequently Asked Questions

Even users who have used GOSTAR for years keep discovering new features as the updations happen regularly in the application. Therefore, this section cannot be complete. Instead, it is aimed at the users who are wondering what to do next. This also serves useful as a reference to available resources. However, we will be adding new information and resources to this section on a regular basis.

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